Supporting Business and Communities

EnABLE Accelerates Economic Growth

Organization Description

States with large budgets for economic development find EnABLE brings new efficiencies to their agencies. This state agency prefers to remain anonymous, but graciously consented to our study on the uses of EnABLE and the ways it is helping them in their mission.

The agency has three goals: stimulating business, driving economic growth, and helping communities thrive. Their work in finance and development impacts many facets of the state’s economy. Priorities include providing low-cost and creative financing for a range of organizations, redeveloping surplus properties, transforming cities, and promoting their manufacturing and defense sectors. They have used EnABLE since 2014.

“Our portfolio group has more information and our lending process is much more efficient with EnABLE.”

Interview Questions and Answers

Our entire process is in EnABLE, organized by what we call Opportunity Types. That includes all incentives, community development initiatives, guarantees, real estate services, and more. Everything we offer is in EnABLE and tracked there.

The reporting is very important to us. We do a lot of reporting to our 30 directors. Our sales people use the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in EnABLE for their entire process. The loan people use the loan and grant modules for all their processes, too.

About 65 to 70 use EnABLE, with 35 using it daily. People use different parts of it, depending on their job. Everyone finds it easy to use. I’m in charge of getting people up and running on it, and once they have it, I rarely get a question.

Our lending is more efficient. It’s much easier for our portfolio group to process loans now. They have more information and they’re much more efficient with EnABLE.

We like that we can customize it. We’ve added several things since we started on the system, including our real estate programs. The reporting is impressive, too. It’s so granular that we can get all the data we need. We use very extensive reporting, but no matter what level of reports you need, you can get them easily from EnABLE.

TechPG’s support is very good. I’m not just saying that. I’m more than happy to complain when I have a problem with a vendor. Just today, I sent an email to you, got a reply immediately, and 10 minutes later we had a meeting.

TechPG provides the best support of any vendor we have. TechPG did a great job of setting up our system and configuring it, too.

Yes, I would and I have.

“Our entire process and everything we offer is in EnABLE and tracked there.”