So Powerful, Yet Simple.

EnABLE is a software solution of unparalleled capabilities and depth. So much so that its 2,500 screens, dozens of functionalities, robust database management, and adaptable reporting and tracking tools may seem overwhelming at first – until you experience the system’s intuitive ease of operation.

Since its introduction in 2009, the success of EnABLE has been based on one promise: We will partner with you – during deployment and into the future – to make absolutely certain your implementation of EnABLE is beyond successful. Our goal is to make it a transformative experience.

EnABLE was engineered from the ground up to perform all end-to-end financial services and program management functions for government agencies.

The fact that most new EnABLE deployments originate from recommendations and references from agencies that use it is a gratifying testament to the system, and the best possible proof of its power.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: First, we discuss your agency’s structure, services and revenue sources. We need to understand exactly how your agency does business. There are many variables, depending upon the state and the agency.

We have 28 years of experience in delivering sophisticated software solutions for government that solve complex problems in financial services, accounting and program management. To serve agencies with integrity and longevity, we are duty-bound to portray EnABLE’s capabilities honestly.

We’ll know quickly if EnABLE is a good fit for you.

Answer: EnABLE interacts with all standard general ledger software. It can also interact with most CRM systems – although many clients find EnABLE’s client management and communications capabilities more than sufficient.

Answer: We allow about 6 months to implement a full deployment of EnABLE, including all data transfer, testing and training. These are the steps we will take with you:

  • Discovery – We’ll start with preliminary discussions about how your agency does business. We’ll lead you through our Discovery Workbook, asking questions, listening and gathering information. You’ll work with a team of business analysts, developers, support personnel and a project manager. This team will work closely with your designated staff members throughout the implementation process.
  • Requirements Validation – Once we understand your functions and processes, we’ll create a detailed document listing all your requirements by subject. We create a Requirement Traceability Matrix to reference as we continue.
  • Analysis and Sorting – At this point we deliver an in-depth analysis of everything your agency does and how your users will interact with EnABLE.
  • Configuration – Our Configuration Workbook guides us as we build your custom configured EnABLE system, in your hosting environment or ours. This is an exacting process. We design the system the way you want it, adding suggestions, solutions and best practices we have gathered from 12 years of successful EnABLE deployments.
  • Data Transfer – A data management system is only as good as the integrity of its data. We have automated much of this process to reduce errors, but it’s still quite an undertaking. We’ll make sure your data is accurate with our in-depth verification processes.
  • Testing – We author custom scripts to test all functionalities on your EnABLE system.
  • User Acceptance Testing – We’ll work with you to make sure everything is functioning perfectly.
  • Training – We’ll conduct in-depth training, personalized for your system, with your agency personnel that will be using the system. This typically takes a week. We’ll record all training material to video, so you’ll have it for reference and subsequent training.
  • Post Deployment - We’ll know your system, how you use it, and know your staff. We’ll provide attentive ongoing support, new releases, new functions, and any additional configurations you need as you use your EnABLE system in your daily operations.

Answer: EnABLE is in daily use in Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Georgia. Louisiana and Oregon are currently deploying EnABLE systems.

Please read our Case Studies to better understand the ways EnABLE can serve your agency.

If you are interested in discussing an EnABLE implementation, we’re proud to put you in touch with other government agencies that are long-term users.

Answer: Most of the many EnABLE functionalities are easy to learn with basic computer skills. The reporting and data management functions require fundamental knowledge of Relational Database Management Systems, as well as Microsoft Transact-SQL (T-SQL), SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), and Report Builder.

EnABLE is a suite of tools to help you in your daily operations. It is engineered for efficiency, with clear and intuitive navigation. It was designed to streamline your operations and save you time. EnABLE removes barriers to productivity. It doesn’t make your life more difficult. IT personnel and casual users alike find it easy to use.

Answer: Yes. We are dedicated to providing responsive, personalized service and support. We know our clients well. We know their agency mission, the services they provide, and their challenges. Our personal relationships with clients are very gratifying. They know they can call us any time for any reason. Typically, we work with clients on configurations and additions.

EnABLE is a robust, proven system. There are virtually no technical issues or downtime – even in agencies that have hundreds of people using it daily.

We are also committed to the continuous improvement of EnABLE including advanced security patches, new modules, and new releases on a regular basis. EnABLE has grown with our clients over the years and kept pace with changing technologies. We are dedicated to continuing this practice.

Answer: Your agency can host EnABLE in its own data center or EnABLE can be hosted through TechPG with:

  • 24/7 Server Monitoring
  • Offsite storage for disaster recovery
  • Redundant system maintained at second site - fail-over accomplished in 2 seconds in a disaster event
  • Virtual servers allow for on-demand scalability for storage, memory, processors and bandwidth

Answer: Like any end-to-end, enterprise-class software solution, EnABLE is not inexpensive. It is, however, an extraordinary value, as verified by our many clients across the country.

We’ll deliver an exacting quote based on your requirements, including any personalized documents, reports and custom configured solutions.

Your quote will include all implementation, testing and training. Nothing is hidden or omitted. And we never cut corners.

EnABLE uses HTML5 API’s for full multimedia support and CSS3 style sheets, which are the most recent web standards and ensure that the system will operate the same for all browsers. It requires Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or later on dedicated or shared server.

The EnABLE data structures, logic and functionality are maintained in a knowledge base that is used to generate the EnABLE environment, making EnABLE a “future-proofed” solution.

EnABLE was inspired by decades of designing custom government software and based on input from many government professionals. Our objective is to give you the specific tools and personal support you need for all of your critical business tasks.

Call, email, or fill out the Contact Us form anytime with questions or to request a demonstration.