New Mexico

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An interview with with Floyd Trujillo, Director of IT

Organization Description

The New Mexico State Legislature created The New Mexico Finance Authority (NMFA) in 1992 to finance infrastructure projects for the state’s counties, cities, and certain departments of state government. The objective was to provide low-cost financing for borrowers who might not otherwise be able to access the tax-exempt bond market on a cost-effective basis.

The NMFA assists governmental entities in the financing of capital equipment and infrastructure projects at any stage of completion - from pre-planning through construction - by providing low-cost funds and technical assistance through a variety of financing sources.

Mr. Trujillo is in charge of managing all connectivity and computer-based infrastructure and associated personnel. They have used EnABLE since 2016.

“We are so happy with how far the EnABLE system has brought us.”

Interview Questions and Answers

Mr. Trujillo: We serve hundreds of county, city and municipality clients. We have all our loan data and servicing information in EnABLE. Previously, we had three or four different systems and hundreds of spreadsheets and Word documents to manage our loans. That was a real struggle for us.

We also rely on the workflow and tracking modules. Before EnABLE, we were very siloed. Now we function cohesively. The document generation module is great for us, too, because we have different documents for all the kinds of loans we do. Now that’s all done and organized in EnABLE.

Mr. Trujillo: Very easy. We have about 50 internal users; everyone who works here uses EnABLE. We also have about 75 partners and other agencies using it to review applications, and about 300 client accounts on EnABLE. We have a significant amount of users set up in the system.

EnABLE is one of my primary functions. I hear all the feedback. If there were any issues at all, I would hear about it. But the comments are universally positive in terms of how intuitive the applications are and how easy the system is to use.

Mr. Trujillo: Yes, very much. The fact that we can do everything in EnABLE without going to three or four places to find information has really improved our efficiency and effectiveness.

Mr. Trujillo: It’s changed everything. As an example, we have several committee meetings and a board meeting every month. We put information packets together for every meeting. Before we had EnABLE, it took multiple days to assemble each one of them. Now it’s literally the push of a button and it’s done.

Even something that may seem simple, like a request for a list of our active PPRF (Public Projects Revolving Fund) loans took us days to do before EnABLE. Remember, we have hundred of loans. Now it’s done in seconds.

Mr. Trujillo: The fact that we can all go to one place to find everything has changed the way we work. Apart from that, the reporting is huge. Our Chief Financial Strategist is a proponent of EnABLE and a big fan of the reporting capabilities. It’s really a key component for us.

Mr. Trujillo: 110 percent yes. This was our first experience with setting up a centralized system. We learned a lot about our agency, including the fact that we needed to be more efficient. We needed lots of customizations and we leaned on TechPG to solve them for us. I can’t say enough about how good TechPG’s team is and how flexible they’ve been.

NMFA is different from many agencies. TechPG bent over backwards to customize the system to meet our needs.

Mr. Trujillo: Yes, I would. And I have. I’ve fielded several calls from agencies wondering what we’re using and I always recommend EnABLE.

“If there were any issues at all, I would hear about it, but I’ve heard nothing but positive comments.”